Empowering Entrepreneurs: Learn, Earn, and Thrive with FX Social

Unlock your potential with us — Master trading, build credit, acquire skills, make money online, and seize life-changing opportunities and experiences.


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Empowering Entrepreneurs: Learn, Earn, and Thrive with FX Social

Unlock your potential with us — Master trading, build credit, acquire skills, make money online, and seize life-changing opportunities and experiences.

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Discover the exciting world of day trading in forex and futures with our 12-week boot camp. This course is designed for both beginners and advanced traders. We begin with the basics and gradually delve into more advanced concepts week by week, ensuring a structured and comprehensive learning experience. Join us to learn in a well-organized and practical manner.

Dedicate just one day, an hour every Thursday, to live trading with us. Trading can be challenging, and it's easy to doubt your decisions, even as an experienced trader. We analyze live setups together every week to help you profit, boost your confidence, and surround you with like-minded individuals who are eager to learn or already knowledgeable about trading.

Our online academy offers comprehensive courses for both beginners and advanced traders, featuring pre-recorded videos that explain trading strategies in detail. Each lesson is designed to make learning easy and accessible. This is an excellent starting point for anyone new to trading. Plus, we record all our boot camp sessions and live events, allowing you to revisit them whenever.

We provide a range of automated services that you can easily set up and then not worry about. As you're learning, you can activate any of our software automations or trade management services. Neither requires any trading experience, and all you need to do is invest your money. This is an excellent way to quickly start seeing results in trading while you gradually learn through our boot camp and academy.


Our experienced traders monitor the market for you. They send alerts to your phone, informing you of their predictions including the market’s direction, entry points, stop loss, and take profit levels. You have the option to either directly use their suggestions or review and adapt the trades based on your own experience.



We also provide credit repair along with other complimentary benefits such as a savings platform and one free vacation. Our credit program is straightforward. As a member, we handle your credit improvement for free and offer education on building credit. Apart from credit services, we offer a savings platform that could help you save $100-$150 or more each month. Additionally, as a member, you'll have the option to choose a vacation from over 400 destinations.

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No Experience Required, from signals to automation. These tools are designed to guide you into the market, with the ultimate goal of helping you earn potential profits while you learn. We provide access to three different signal groups and a variety of automation tools.

Through Telegram, you can receive signals from three distinct traders, each employing their own unique strategy. This allows you to choose the trader whose style you find most appealing and follow their lead.

In terms of automation, we offer trade management that lets you invest and share profits, or use our software to automate your trading, allowing you to retain 100% of your earnings. For instance, with as little as $250, you can invest in our Wall Street automation and have it trade on your behalf.

Moreover, we provide other automation options, such as the ability to automatically trade indicators directly from TradingView and more.

Full Online Academy

We provide a comprehensive online academy accessible through a website and an app, allowing you to easily review any course material from your computer or mobile device. Our academy features a wide range of instructional videos covering topics such as day trading, boot camp recordings, automation training, credit repair strategies, setup procedures, and much more!

Credit Repair and Building

You'll gain access to a secure portal where we work behind the scenes to improve your credit. We also provide tips on building good credit because simply repairing credit isn't enough. A balanced and positive history is essential! Ultimately, our goal is to help you feel confident enough to secure funding from lenders for trading and investing, whenever you're ready.


Dream Getaway - 1 Free Vacation: Experience the world with our yearly gift to you - a complimentary vacation! Pick from a wide variety of global destinations and delight in a 5-day/4-night stay, with only the taxes for you to handle.

Hotel Discount Savings: Whether you're planning a last-minute weekend getaway or a scheduled business trip, enjoy substantial savings on hotel bookings. Our lifestyle benefits ensure you access top-notch accommodations at unbeatable prices.

Monthly Restaurant Discounts: Relish the taste of local and international dishes with monthly restaurant discounts amounting to $200 or more. Explore new culinary delights without stretching your budget.


Seamless Payments, Flexible Financing

We offer flexible payment options, including the choice to pay upfront. Don't worry if you don't get approved initially, as we also provide guaranteed funding as a backup plan. You can apply using Klarna or Afterpay, which involves only a soft credit check, so your credit score won't be impacted. If approved, you can expect to pay between $80 and $160 monthly. For those unable to afford upfront costs and who have been denied.

We offer guaranteed funding. If you find yourself in this situation, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Guaranteed Funding." Include your name and the products you are most interested in. We suggest you first consider our VIP or Lifestyle package. Currently, we're running a promotion on the Lifestyle package, offering an impressive discount of $2000 for a lifetime.


Prop Firm Pass

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Our VIP or Lifestyle package includes prop firm passing. If you prefer to get a pass without subscribing to our services, please visit the link below.




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Optional $80 a month payment plan with Klarna

 ⭐️ Forex & Future Day Trading Academy

 ⭐️ Trade Management

 ⭐️ Forex Signals

 ⭐️ Live Trading Session 

 ⭐️ 12-Week Boot Camp 

 ⭐️ Prop Firm Pass with Paradise

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Optional $160 a month payment plan with Klarna

 ⭐️ Everything in VIP

 ⭐️ 1 on 1 Session

 ⭐️ Credit Repair

 ⭐️ Funding

 ⭐️ Complimentary Vacation 

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