$3,000.00 USD



Learn how to excel in the market by leveraging our academy. If you prefer breaking up payments, you can apply for Klarna and/or Afterpay. It's a soft pull, so it won't impact your credit score, at just $160 per month. Below is everything we offer within the academy. 

Become a member of our Day Trading Academy, where we offer:

1 on 1 session: After completing our academy, we will have three one-on-one sessions to ensure you truly understand what we have been teaching regarding the future and forex.. 

Day Trading Academy: Our academy teaches you everything you need to know about day trading in the foreign exchange market and the futures market. We cover everything from setting up your broker to learning our strategies for entering and exiting the market.

Weekly Live Sessions: We conduct weekly sessions where we answer questions about day trading, teach our strategy live, and wrap up with a Q&A session at the end of each webinar.

Trading Automation: Let us handle your trades and manage your capital. Simply deposit your investment and watch your profits grow. 

Signals: Receive trading signals that you can easily copy and paste through Discord and Telegram.

FX Social Strategies: Gain access to a special indicator designed to identify trading opportunities.

Complimentary temporary offer: We will pass a proprietary trading firm on your behalf up to $200,000 in capital. All you need to do is cover the challenge fee. This offer allows us to provide you with a trading account for you to trade and profit from with the proprietary trading firm we select.



We will also assist you with improving your credit by fixing any negative items. Our goal is to repair these issues that are harming your credit and provide guidance on how to establish a positive credit history.

Once your credit is in good shape, we can further assist you in obtaining personal funding that can be used for various purposes, including day trading.



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